December 4, 2018

Formation company

Our Law Firm is a very experienced firm in offshore company formation . We are provide services for offshore company formation in most of the world offshore destinations. We offer high standard services and we are dedicated to do everything possible to satisfy the offshore company formation need of our clients.

Besides offshore formation of regular offshore companies and investment companies, we also offer Offshore company formations in BVI, Belize, Seychelles, UK, Hong Kong, to protect your assets and investments. While incorporating an offshore company you can decide to place the shares of this company into an offshore company and this will be a great offshore asset protection strategy.

We provide UK business entities including the UK limited Company (UK Ltd.) and the UK Limited Liability Partnership (UK LLP). The UK companies and the business structures can be used to minimize taxes and conduct trade and investment activities with confidence.

We have many optional services from which a client may choose. Among the options, we have available for immediate use, offshore shelf companies including aged/vintage companies. None off the shelf offshore corporations have ever been in use and never held a bank account. In other words these companies are all 100% tax-free, clean and ready to open an offshore account of your choice.

We also offer nominee services, where directors or shareholders/members are provided by OCH which means your name is not on official offshore corporate documentation or Government records, but you do retain full control over the offshore company via Declaration of Trust and Power of Attorney.

We recommend following offshore jurisdictions for offshore incorporation where one can maximize on tax savings and protect their assets; BVI, Belize, Seychelles, UK, Hong Kong.

Any individuals and corporations who need to register offshore companies must think about the advantages of offshore company registration. The main benefits of registration of offshore companies are the following:

  • Free remittance of profits
  • Access to top-rated jurisdictions
  • Security of property rights
  • Accessing low cost areas
  • Access to tax treaties
  • Banking privacy
  • Availability of offshore experts
  • Access to foreign insurance
  • Customs and duty exemptions
  • Exchange convertibility
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Government cooperation
  • Fair treatment
  • Territorial taxation
  • Sanctity of contracts
  • Foreign investment inducements
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Tested legal systems
  • Higher yields and returns
  • Sophisticated banking facilities
  • The search for political stability
  • Reduced taxation

When you decide on offshore incorporation, you need to complete the on-line questionnaire form. While you are filling this uncomplicated form, you will find a wide range of investment, offshore business and offshore checking accounts along with other offshore services from which you can choose, to add to your offshore formation package.

We will provide you with an easy and low cost offshore incorporation and help to protect your assets and enjoy offshore banking.