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The evolution of the design of the hotel is intrinsically linked to the guest stay and refers to the hotel's experience. The direction and style of furniture often complements and solidifies this evolution.

There are three main criteria for selecting the correct home furniture: placement, style and durability.


The expectations of a sensory experience as soon as the steps of a guest through the doors before a hotel are common. Finished the austere chairs and the dwarfings placed inexplicably at the entrance and disappeared elsewhere. It is less concern to create pretty vignettes than to ensure comfort, flexibility and pleasure not only for the guest, but also for hotel staff.

The expectation of today is that public spaces in hotels work perfectly like lounges, waiting areas, cocktail lounges, business centers and private escapades. Create these areas in a lobby is feasible only in the good placement of furniture. Organize a large section with chairs in the center of the room is an invitation to enjoy. Location of an elevated bar bar at the bars adjacent to the front desk offers business travelers visibility and privacy without commitment. Place a communal table in a restaurant is a participation and community signal.


The welcome furniture style is critical not only in this zoning, but also as a reinforcement of the personality of a hotel. A wing chair said something a small brilliant chair does not do it. The key is to understand the message.

The hotel designers are almost always personalized design rather than selecting furniture for a hotel of a retailer. When it comes to a standard size room, for example, space is essential and custom furniture is needed to ensure the right range. In a lobby or restaurant, a ladder is crucial to transmit the right relationship every piece of furniture should. For example, making sure that a side table is designed at the right height so that a guest sitting on an adjacent sofa can easily lean and rest their beverage on it is an absolute must.


This means that furniture should last not only stylistic but constitute a considerable amount of wear during this period.

To make sure that the furniture will resist the test of time, designers must understand how each piece is usually done and how the space in which the furniture will be placed will be used. This information helps a designer choose the right type of furniture fabric, color, texture and note. Of course, there must be a balance between aesthetics and durability. Sustainability should be incorporated so as not to harm the general appearance of furniture and space.




Aku adalah aku, kamu adalah kamu. kenyataanya demikian dan jangan difikirkan, sudahlah lupakan yang barusan.

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